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We have been providing garden services in Devon area for 30 years and now have a 5-acre plant nursery just out Barnstaple. This blog provides gardening advice especially aim at gardeners in the north Devon area.

New Blog: North Devon Coast gardens

Creating a Garden on the North Devon Coast

Living on the beautiful North Devon coast brings with it a multitude of problems for those wishing to create and maintain a garden, with high winds, salt laden air and extremes of temperature. There is however an advantage over those gardening further inland as the winter temperatures tend to be slightly higher and ground frost are rare, which opens up a range of plants from more temperate climates to be grown.

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The soil is usually very shallow sitting on top of a layer of compacted shillet or open and very sandy. On shillet or stone based soils, remove any top soil for use later, then using a pneumatic or electric breaker drill dig down 300 to 450mm and remove the stone or shillet in the areas that you intend to plant, but make sure that these areas are larger than just the planting hole. If the areas are small they will act as water collecting points and rot the plants roots as well as constricting the root growth. Any shillet material that has been removed can be used as a sub base under pathways that are intended for light use. Once the shillet has been removed add plenty of well-rotted organic material into the areas and then add a layer of good quality top soil mixed with some fine grit ready for planting. After planting up the areas mulch with a generous layer of mulch which will help evaporation in the summer,
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Water logged gardens, why and how to fix ?

It has been a really wet winter this year in North Devon and many gardeners are looking at a garden with puddles that will not drain. This is usually down to poor drainage, a clay or shillet sub soil or soil that is compacted, especially on grassy areas where children play or is used as a footpath across the garden. We usually like to split the cause down before tackling the issue, which can save you a lot of time and unnecessary expense.

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POOR DRAINAGE - New Buildings This is very common on new builds where the building contractor has removed the top soil before starting to build and then compacting soil with heavy construction machinery, which also pushes any waste building materials such as bricks into the ground. This is covered over with a thin layer of soil and usually turfed to make the property presentable. The best way to tackle this is to remove the turf, which can be stacked upside down in a pile to kill the grass and become good top soil, then remove the good soil from underneath the turf until you see the subsoil which is usually a different colour and texture. Dig over the sub soil to at least one spade depth and remove as much builders waste and then incorporate a generous amount of organic matter and sharp grit. Lightly compact this by walking over and rake level. Cover with at least 150mm of good quality top soil and again lightly compact and rake to produce a fine tilth. If possible incorporate a slight slope or hump shape so that the water can drain away from your property. When you are happy re-turf with good quality turf for instant effect or to reduce cost grass seed.

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Nick started Gardeners Delight landscape and garden services in 1983, he married Hannah in 1988, a florist, who started to grow some of the plants Nick required for his local garden services in their back garden, with the excess sold in the local Barnstaple pannier market. As the demand for their quality plants grew, they purchased 5 acres of farm land in Barnstaple, which became Gardeners Delight Nursery.
This has grown to be a leading local family run nursery in North Devon which produces an extensive range of herbaceous perennials, bedding and vegetable plants, trees, shrubs, roses and clematis along with delicious fresh fruit and vegetables. 90% of these are grown on site using the skill and experience gained over 30 years of growing for the local coastal & moorland environment.
The nursery is open daily(see opening times) they also attend local farmers markets in Barnstaple, Exeter, Crediton and Bude to sell their plants, fruit and vegetables as well as specialist plant shows across the South West of England where Nick and his daughter have gained awards for their perennial garden displays.
Nicks gardening experience & design skills along with Hannah's eye for colour and detail have helped local councils, caravan parks, hotels and other local businesses win gold, national and international awards from Britain in Bloom with stunning flower displays.
With his family and crazy spaniel Poppy running the nursery Nick uses his passion and knowledge of plants and gardening to maintain, design and transform gardens locally and across North Devon for private and commercial clients.

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